mBond Point to Point

mBond P2P provides end-to-end, exchange (or cabinet) to customer premise configuration for when there is no DSLAM installed. mBond P2P provides mobile and fixed telecommunications operators (Telcos) with a unique opportunity to dramatically enhance their legacy network capacity performance.

mBond P2P delivers point-to-point broadband in excess of 1 Gb/s. 

mBond P2P is a unique bonding solution that provides unmatched value for fixed and mobile backhaul networks. mBond is an extremely cost effective alternative to fibre and microwave that enables telecommunications operators to realise a far quicker and improved return on investment.

Legacy network capacity limitations of E1 and T1 do not offer carriers the opportunity to deploy high speed broadband and other value added services without the considerable expense of running fibre, which adversely impacts the economics.

mBond P2P delivers performance improvements – using the existing network – that increase throughput and revenue per customer premise, and allow operators to materially improve QoS and income potential.

In recent Telco field trials mBond P2P delivered bandwidth of 157 Mb/s at 1450 metres with 12‐pairs and 77 Mb/s at 1300 metres with 4‐pairs. Tests were run with a number of different operators and service providers for both mobile and fixed networks. Similar results were also achieved at Genesis’s test facility in Europe.

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    • mBond P2P delivers service enhancing backhaul for macrocells and access broadband for enterprises, campuses and multi-dwelling units, in areas where it is uneconomical or impractical to deploy Fibre to the Premise.
    • Vendor agnostic on DSLAM/MSAN
    • Self-contained - mBond P2P provides end-to-end, exchange (or cabinet) to customer premise configuration
    • Pre-provisioned - Pre-set service profiles with auto-configuration on installation to ensure quick and easy deployment
    • Small footprint - 1U rack mounted form-factor takes up minimal space in the cabinet/exchange and at the customer premise
    • A long term strategic solution - Traditionally operators have had three choices for backhaul: standard copper, microwave or fibre. Each has strengths and weaknesses – but there are still many scenarios in which none is appropriate. mBond P2P provides a critical fourth way, ideal for peri‐urban, suburban and rural settings where delivering an exceptional customer experience is no less important, but where traffic volumes do not justify major backhaul investment. The widest possible use of copper helps operators keep CAPEX and OPEX to a minimum.

    mBond P2P for Enterprise
    mBond P2P for Macrocell Backhaul


    DSL Lines
    - Accessed through 3 x RJ45 Sockets
    - Each carries 4 twisted pairs used to transmit and receive VDSL2 (or ADSL2+ in some instances) signals

    DSL Link
    12 x LEDs provide quick visual indication of link status
    One green LED for each DSL line indicates the state of the connection (Off/Flash/ON)

    Traffic LANAccessed through an industry standard RJ45 Socket
    - Configurable interface 100Base-TX/1000Base-T Ethernet port for interface rates for upstream and downstream traffic to and from the bonded link (IEEE 802.3)

    Traffic LAN Status
     x LEDs provide quick visual indication of Traffic LAN status 
    Green/yellow LEDs indicate Ethernet link state and data activity

    - CLI provides a secure configuration and diagnostics interface accessed via the management port using SSH
    - SNMP V2c supported over IPv4
    - Web UI management interface accessed via standard web browser
    - Supported by WebNMS EMS platform
    - Accessed through an industry standard RJ45 Socket
    - 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port for local and remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics

    Management LAN Status
    2 x LEDs provide quick visual indication of Management LAN status
    Green/yellow LEDs indicate Ethernet link state and data activity

    - Accessed through an industry standard RJ45 Socket
    Power and Status alarms, two independently available as normally open and normally closed relay contacts
    Max rating 60V DC or 42.4V AC peak

    - Accessed through an industry standard RJ45 Socket
    - Command line interface for local diagnostic and configuration operations
    - RS232 levels

    Factory Default Reset
    - Front panel recessed Switch
    - Resets volatile configuration to known state

    Power Input
    - 5-Way two part connector block with Screw Terminals
    - DC power nominally 1A @ -48V
    - Input range 36V - 72V (40W typical)
    - Dual supply feeds accepted using internal diode isolation for -48V inputs with common 0V return
    - Chassis ground connection also provided

    Power Present LED

    • Indicates the presence of a DC input voltage at the power input

    System Status LED

    • Flashes to shows that the CPU is operational


    - RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
    - Operational Temperature: 0°C to +50°C (ETSI EN 300-019-2-3)
    - Storage Temperature: -25°C to +70°C (ETSI EN 300-019-2-2)

    - IEC 60950-1:2005+A1:2009
    - EN 60950-1:2006/A12:2011
    - IECEE CB Scheme Certified
    - Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC

    - FCC 47CFR 2010, Part 15 subpart (b) (Class A)
    - ETSI EN 300-386:V1.5.1
    - EN 55022:2010
    - EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-11

    - CE Mark
    - ANFP compliant per NICC ND 1602 V5.1.1 (2011-09)

    Traffic Protocol

    - Configurable band plans, profiles 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a and 30a supported
    - Conformance to ITU-T G.993.2
    - Up to 100 Mb/s upstream and downstream per link

    Physical characteristics construction

    - Powder coated mild steel

    - 19” rack mount module, 1U high
    - Size (excl. brackets)
    - Width 16.93in. / 430mm
    - Height 1.719in. / 43.7mm
    - Depth 9.33in. / 237mm

    Size (Packaged)
    - Width 23.6in. / 600mm
    - Height 4.9in. / 125mm
    - Depth 16.5in. / 420mm

    Mounting Options
    - Rack mounting (removable front L brackets supplied)
    - Shelf mounting

    Protective Earth
    - Rear mounted chassis connectivity

    Weight Packaged
    - Packaged 4Kg
    - Installed 3Kg

    Cabling Access
    - Front only

    Ventilation Access
    Sides only

    • Fixed backhaul
    • Macro/Small Cell LTE backhaul
    • Microwave protection/replacement
    • E1/T1 replacement
    • WiFi Mesh backhaul
    • CCTV backhaul