• Residential Broadband

    Genesis provides a unique solution for telecoms operators that enables them to increase the bandwidth of their broadband services by up to a multiple of twenty, up to a maximum of 400 Mb/s, upstream and downstream combined. Read more 
  • Next generation wireless backhaul

    Genesis technologies offer an economic advantage to delivering small cell backhaul and support line powering (a key need for small cells).  Read more 
  • Enterprise broadband

    Genesis’ mBond solutions provide up to ten times faster broadband bandwidth and the flexibility to meet communication providers and their customers varying needs. Read more 
  • Copper Backhaul

    As data volumes grow exponentially operators are looking their backhaul infrastrucure with an ever greater sense of urgency.  Find out more about the role of copper in the backhaul bottleneck. Read more 
  • The Last Mile

    Fibre beyond the cabinet starts to become prohibitively expensive. Discover the options for delivering fibre like speeds over hybrid fibre/copper networks. Read more 
  • Access & backhaul for rural

    Meeting the challenge of delivering improved broadband to rural communities at a justifiable cost. Read more 
  • Small Cell Backhaul

    The burgeoning small cell backhaul network demands an affordable solution that can be deployed quickly, easily and in high volumes.  Read more