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Genesis Distribution Point Unit

Genesis Distribution Point Unit


The Genesis Distribution Point Unit (GDPU) utilizes network aggregation, regeneration and add/drop techniques to remove network barriers associated with the delivery of G.fast gigabit services across long distances.

The GDPU is a network extension of a GSLAM or ASM/DSLAM providing multiple gigabit trunks. GDPUs are cascaded by virtue of their multi-port aggregated trunks which are regenerated at the GDPU. At each GDPU location on extended trunk routes service capacity can be add/drop to local subscribers.

This G.fast regeneration capability is unique in the industry and offers an extremely low-cost alternative to the deployment of fiber. With the combination of the GSLAM and GDPU symmetrical traffic trunk routes in excess of 10Gbps can be created over distances exceeding current G.fast limitations. Premises located at distances of 3000 feet or 1 kilometre or more from their local G.fast network node can now benefit from G.fast technology and receive gigabit broadband.

At each GDPU an SFP access cage has been added to support small cells delivering Wi-Fi or mobile services.

All GSLAM/GDPU trunks can be vectored, to a maximum of 96 copper (Cu) pairs, offering the ability to potentially mix multiple VDSL profiles and G.fast services.

  • The GPDU can be deployed as outside plant and is certified for deployment in footwells or mounted on telegraph poles.aThe GPDU can be deployed as outside plant and is certified for deployment in footwells or mounted on telegraph poles
  • The GDPU can also be deployed in plant for enterprises, MTU and MDU
  • Extends the high bandwidth reach of the carrier’s network to enable the Genesis platform to deliver residential and enterprise solutions
  • Works seamlessly with the Genesis Access Service Manager (ASM) appliance to deliver enhanced bandwidth over aggregated links
  • By maintaining high bandwidth over long-reach, additional carrier services such as Internet Protocol television(IPTV),Video-on-Demand (VOD) and gaming can be introduced to the customer resulting in increased ARPU to the carrier
  • Existing carrier bandwidth packages can now be extended to rural areas

  • G.fast/VDSL regeneration removes distance limitations
  • Optimizes G.fast ports from GSLAM via trunk architecture
  • Integrated line power convertors, removing the need for separate power unit
  • The units can be also reversed powered from the premise if available
  • Add/drop functionality delivers ‘virtual’ DSLAM function for distributed ultra-high-speed access
  • Optical add/drop allows local connectivity to small cells
  • Low latency/delay supports small cells and sensitive subscriber applications, inc VoIP & gaming

  • Managed by the Access Service Manager (ASM)
  • Supports SNMP V2c and CLI via SSH

For more information on the GDPU or to discuss how the Genesis solutions can help you please email contact@genesistechsys.com