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Access Service Manager CP/DP

Access Service Manager CP/DP


The Genesis Access Service Manager CP/DP (ASM) is at the heart of the Genesis product portfolio. Located in the Central Office/Exchange or Data Center, typically referred to as the core of the network, it dynamically manages aggregated links to/from Genesis equipment in the access layer.

Genesis Aggregation V Bonding

Traditionally, enhancing xDSL services through bonding, G.Bond/EFM, has been complex to implement, requiring specific DSLAMs, specific DSLAM software and detailed pair routing management. In addition, traditional bonding standards are not efficient where one or more component circuits exhibit poor performance or high error rates as is common in xDSL networks.

Genesis technology approach is DSLAM agnostic, replacing the need for specific DSLAM software and pair routing, aggregating the component streams of each customer connection at an appliance located in the core of the network: The Genesis ASM.

xDSL pairs can be dynamically added or removed from an aggregated link without re-initialization or downtime and performance of each pair is constantly managed.

Access Service Manager benefits include:

  • Enables multi-port line aggregation to Genesis products over any vendor’s A/VDSL2 (17a & 35b profiles) access equipment
  • Multiple NICs increase ASM appliance scalability
  • Utilizes underperforming or bad pairs to the best of their capacity without affecting overall performance of the aggregated link
  • Manages Genesis equipment at any location with L2 access: both on-net and off-net where L2 peering access is available
  • Architected to be Software Defined Network (SDN) compliant

  • Centrally located appliance based on standard server hardware which can be replicated across a carrier’s network
  • The data plane can be scaled through additional NIC interface options
  • The control and management plane can be scaled using SDN principles typically across the carrier’s cloud
  • Server level resilience options available
  • Inventory management of Genesis equipment
  • Single management point for all Genesis equipment
  • Central component of all Genesis access solutions
  • Manages aggregated links to/from Genesis products. Please see DBE, DBA and SAN-E and SAN-R pages.

For more information on the ASM or to discuss how the Genesis solutions can help you please email contact@genesistechsys.com