Lord Younger visits start-up as it prepares for rollout of superfast broadband over the existing copper network


Lord Younger and Nigel Hall, CEO of Genesis Technical Systems

Lord Younger discusses importance of protecting Intellectual Property with Genesis Research & Development team

Coventry, UK – Intellectual Property (IP) Minister Lord Younger visits telecom start-up Genesis Technical Systems to learn about new technologies for delivering very high speed broadband over existing copper telecoms networks and to discuss the importance of protecting Intellectual Property.

Meeting at the Genesis R&D base at the University of Warwick Science Park, Lord Younger was keen to learn more about the disruptive and award-winning technologies mBond™ and DSL Rings®. Both have the potential to massively improve broadband access and mobile services for millions of individuals across the globe. Genesis’s solutions are an attractive proposition for telecoms operators challenged by a fiercely competitive environment. Using the existing network to deliver superfast broadband enables telecoms companies to deliver vastly improved services at an affordable cost.

Minister for Intellectual Property, Lord Younger commented: "I am delighted to be visiting Genesis Technical Systems today and to be able to see first-hand such innovative thinking and original ideas. This is an excellent example of local industry with a global market. It remains a very important part of our growth strategy to improve and broaden broadband access to companies operating in the UK and globally."

Nigel Hall, Managing Director for Genesis UK, who is hosting the Minister’s visit, said: "Lord Younger’s role in highlighting the importance of intellectual property is vital to UK technology businesses. As Genesis prepares to roll out mBond and DSL Rings in Asia we consider that Intellectual Property protection is fundamental to the success of our business.

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