Genesis poised to improve broadband coverage in rural North America


Ten North American Telcos have accepted a total of US $1.5 billion in funding for the second phase of the Connect America Fund (CAF-II).


CAF II is a Federal Communications Commission reform initiative that promises to bring broadband to an estimated 23 million Americans in rural uncovered areas. Genesis is collaborating with six of these vendors and is in the process of forming a North American Consortium to trial DSL Rings in the lab in April, and DSL Rings in the field later this year.

The chart below illustrates how much funding each carrier is receiving in this latest round.

CAF II Funding


The map below identifies the areas where some of North America’s largest phone companies, also known as price cap carriers, accepted Phase II support from the FCC’s Connect America Fund to provide broadband and voice service over the next six years. The offer of Connect America Phase II model-based support was targeted to price cap areas that are high-cost, but not extremely high-cost. An area was classified as “eligible” if the average monthly cost-per-location for that census block, as calculated by the Connect America Cost Model, was above the US $52.50 funding benchmark but below a US $198.60 extremely high cost threshold, and not served by an unsubsidised competitor, subsidised wireline competitor, or was not subject to specific types of bids in the rural broadband experiments.

Eligible areas that were accepted are shown in green on the map. 
Source: Federal Communications Commission Reports and Research.

CAF II Funding Map