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Pioneering copper technology to enhance broadband speeds for businesses in Ireland

Genesis Technical Systems Signs Partnership Agreement to supply DBA to premises across Ireland.


Genesis Technical Systems has today announced that it has secured a partnership agreement with Butler Group to supply its revolutionary copper bonding solution DBA in Ireland. The companies will work together to bring high speed broadband to businesses across the Republic of Ireland without the installation costs associated with fiber or microwave deployments.


DBA is a unique bonding solution that provides unmatched value for fixed and mobile networks by enabling clients and partners like Butler Group to increase their copper bandwidth by up to a factor of ten. The technology is an extremely cost-effective alternative to fiber and microwave, enabling telecommunications operators to realize a far quicker and improved return on their investment.


Providing enterprise broadband is a new market application for DBA, which was initially developed to deliver macrocell backhaul for mobile operators.

Talking about the partnership, Aaron Joyce, Business Development Director, Butler Group said: “We see a large drive to provide broadband throughout Ireland. Fiber is not always available, leaving many companies without the communications speeds required for business today. We expect the Genesis DBA solution to provide a viable, cost-effective alternative that addresses the lack of fiber connectivity and reaches all enterprises, including those in rural locations.”

Broadband services across Ireland vary dramatically, with businesses and residences in the rural areas being most affected by very poor bandwidth. A recent Government mapping survey revealed that a third of the country is unable to access acceptable internet services, with premises often stuck at under 5 Mb/s.


According to recent statistics from Point Topic, the broadband infrastructure in Ireland is made up of 50% copper, 29% cable, 17% fiber and 4% wireless, making copper enhancing technologies key for telecom operators in the region.


DBA has been tested globally with a variety of different operators and service providers for both mobile and fixed networks. DBA has also recently completed a successful six-month trial in the UK, which saw it dramatically enhance broadband speeds for enterprise customers.

“Operators worldwide have been extremely impressed by the performance of DBA product trials in recent months, showing continued success for the solution and its capabilities,” said Mark Stukins, VP Global Channel Sales, Genesis Technical Systems. “This new partnership agreement with Butler Group will allow us to provide operators across the region with a cost-effective solution to enhance their existing networks and deliver higher bandwidth to their customers.”

This is a new market opportunity for Butler Group which has a long history in providing test and measurement equipment to the communications market, as well as calibration services to support networks. The addition of the Genesis suite of solutions and services significantly broadens its portfolio in fixed networks and copper technologies, for both existing customers and new markets.