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Launch DBA 1 Gb/s copper backhaul at Broadband World Forum

The DSL Broadband Aggregator (DBA) delivered 157 Mb/s at 1450 meters with 12-pairs during operator field trials.


Genesis Technical Systems today announces the launch of DBA, a unique bonding solution that provides unmatched value for fixed and mobile backhaul networks by enabling operators to increase their copper backhaul bandwidth by at least a factor of ten. DBA is an extremely cost-effective alternative to fiber and microwave, enabling telecommunications operators to realize a far quicker and improved return on their investment.


With bandwidth needs significantly increasing with the deployment of high-speed mobile data services such as 3G, HPSA and LTE, operators need to enhance their backhaul as quickly as possible while minimizing capital and operating expenditures.


DBA, meets these demands by delivering 100 Mb/s over 1 mile, effectively aggregating available bandwidth per pair, e.g., if each pair can deliver 10 Mb/s, then 12 pairs will provide 120 Mb/s. Any number of pairs can be bonded, and when even more bandwidth is required the bonded pairs may be grouped. DBA maximizes unique high-speed copper backhaul technology developed and patented for Genesis’s DSL Rings, further strengthening Genesis’s position in the market.

“Operators have been extremely impressed by the performance of our DBA product in their networks over the recent months,” said Nigel Hall, Managing Director, Genesis Technical Systems. “The feedback has been tremendous. Given the ever-challenging need for Telcos to deliver superfast backhaul solutions over existing copper infrastructure, in order to meet the needs of their customers growing data requirements – the market now has a cost efficient and effective alternative to fiber and microwave. The ‘copper revolution’ has truly started.”

“Telcos that recently trialled DBA were delighted with the results that speak for themselves,” said Stephen Cooke, President and CTO, Genesis Technical Systems, “Achieving 157 Mb/s at 1450 meters with 12-pairs and 77 Mb/s at 1300 meters with 4-pairs is a revolutionary solution for operators.”

DBA has been tested with a variety of different operators and service providers for both mobile and fixed networks. Similar results were also demonstrated at Genesis’s test facility in Europe, showing continued success for the solution and its capabilities.


Genesis is showcasing its environmentally friendly DBA at the Broadband World Forum exhibition on stand F19 from Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th October 2013.