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Genesis Comments On The New 2019 Canadian Budget

As part of last month’s 2019 budget, the Canadian Government has expanded its commitment to supply faster broadband in rural Canada. The new plan will see investment of $5 Bil to $6 Bil CAD over the next ten years to deliver a target of 50 Mb/s download and 10 Mb/s upload broadband speeds for Canadians in rural areas.


Peter Khoury, CEO and General Counsel of Calgary headquartered Genesis Technical Systems praised the Canadian Government for this commitment.

He commented saying, “this funding will help Canadians tremendously in rural and semi-rural regions of the country to get the faster broadband they desperately need.”

Because Genesis’ unique technologies are designed to get faster broadband further over existing telecom infrastructure Genesis is working with Canadian telecom operators to achieve affordable faster broadband speeds over their existing infrastructure to rural and semi-rural areas. Genesis’ technologies provide Telco operators with innovative leading-edge technology solutions to do this.


This latest Canadian Government announcement follows commitments made in the past by the British Government and the US Federal Communications Commission to get faster broadband to their underserved rural and semi-rural premises.

Khoury said “Genesis is working with major telecom operators in the USA, Canada and the UK to trial and continue commercial deployment of our technology in 2019. Genesis technologies will deliver faster broadband further and address this urgent need for rural telecom customers.”

The Canadian government stated in its March 2019 budget papers

“Delivering high-speed internet to every Canadian, especially in more rural and remote areas, will help businesses grow, create new jobs and connect more people to the resources, services and information they need to build a better future.”


And, Canada pledged “To help every Canadian access high-speed internet at minimum speeds of 50/10 Mb/s, Budget 2019 is proposing a new, coordinated plan that would deliver $5 billion to $6 billion in investments in rural broadband over the next 10 years to help build a fully connected Canada—including rural, remote and northern communities.”