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Genesis Technical Systems: Revolutionising Copper Broadband

Genesis Technical Systems, provider of DSL Rings® and mBond™, creates cutting-edge broadband technologies that enable fixed and mobile telecoms operators to cost effectively deliver ultra-fast mobile and fixed broadband services, over existing copper networks to meet increasing broadband traffic demands.

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  • DSL Rings
  • mBond
  • Twenty times your current bandwidth to the customer over existing copper networks.
    Enhance your network capacity with the multi award winning and patented DSL Rings from Genesis Technical Systems.

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  • mBond provides mobile telecommunications operators with a unique opportunity to dramatically enhance their copper-wired base stations’ capacity. Bandwidth needs are significantly increasing with the deployment of high speed data services such as 3G and LTE. Therefore, telecoms operators need to enhance their BTS backhaul as fast as possible while keeping their costs low.

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  • "Copper appears to have a longer shelf-life than many people would have imagined five years ago, when there was a great deal of optimism around widespread FTTH/B rollouts, many of which have not (or hardly) materialized. "Ray Le Maistre